In Logis Group companies (Logística laboral SAS, Gestión Integral Laboral Integral SAS and Innovación y Servicios), we commit ourselves to create strategic alliances with our clients through an integrated management system that generates added value to the parties through the following promises of added value:

Develop personal, agile and efficient outsourcing and human talent management through the excellence of our processes, executed by a committed and suitable team with which we aim to achieve satisfaction and exceed expectations of our clients and other stakeholders.

In companies of Logis Group, dedicated to providing personnel and creating alliances of specialized outsourcing, we are aware of the relevance of safety, occupational health and environment. Therefore, we are committed to continuously improve through prevention programs that guarantee healthy and safe working environments, minimizing personal injury, property damage and social-environmental impact, as well as promoting healthy lifestyles. We also promote physical and mental health of our employees, contractors and subcontractors, under a culture of care and preservation of natural resources that guarantee their wellness.

Companies in Logis Group set and implement social responsibility standards in order to promote good business practices related to respect for human rights, ensuring compliance with legal and other requirements applicable for enabling continuous improvement of the integrated management system