Nuestro BPO cuenta con soluciones en management of payroll, benefits and social security tailored to your company, helping you reduce operating costs, optimizing internal resources and recovering the time you need to develop your strategic objectives.

Free yourself from payday headaches and focus on what's most important to your company. Leave everything in the hands of professionals at the forefront of process quality.

What benefits of the service can you obtain according to the needs of your business?

+ Payroll settlement under legal regulations

+ Settlement of supplementary work and surcharges

+ Settlement of social benefits

+ Final settlement of contracts

+ Social security liquidation

+ Access to documents such as: payment slips, labor certificates, income certificate and withholdings, from our mobile app

+ Flat files for payroll posting

+ Flat files for payroll

+ Flat file to pay your social security

+ Protection and confidentiality of your employees' information

Complementary services

Receive greater customization of our BPO with additional services to further strengthen your processes

Selection Processes


Consulting in SGSST

wellness activities

We offer you our experience in handling Colombian legal regulations.

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